Welcome to ExclusiveWebSystems

I’m Andrew Townsend, a freelance web developer based in Leicestershire, UK.

Freelance services: My services are available for freelance projects including consultancy, website development, and content management and e-Commerce platforms.

Core expertise areas include: HTML5 + CSS3, PHP MySQL, AngularJS, Javascript + JQuery, WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter, Google APIs.

Design: I work continously applying new methods and technologies so that projects meet current standards.

Code Quality
Coding Standards

All our code is written so it falls within the current web standards, for more complex projects we introduce strict standards so that they are well written and perform efficiently.

e-Commerce Website
e-Commerce Support

For thoes just starting their business on the web we have helped serveral small-to-medium businesses setting up e-Commerce systems to allow them to start selling online.

Website Security
Security an Issue?

We take security very seriously so all of our e-Commerce platforms reach out to a third parties to handle the actual transactions our current payment gateways are: PayPal and Stripe.